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About Us | Innovate Media – Best Video & Digital Ad Agency

Our skills come from years of experience in the digital media space, our strategies from lessons learned, our strengths from the emerging use of the video media.



Our video plans start and end with a best-in-class experience strategy.



With emerging video formats we create ad experiences like no one else.



Rooted in technology and ad serving, we’re hard-wired provide measure results.


Innovate was founded in 2003 by two partners who left what they knew to pursue an emerging opportunity… and they’ve never looked back since. While working at Yahoo! Organization during its beginning years, a couple of innovators decided to develop an online video production company in hopes of convincing marketers that video advertising was the new frontier for success. During these early digital years, the creators of Innovate Media and their blossoming company became well known evangelists in the emerging space. Today, Innovate has thousands of production and video projects created for  and delivered to major clients that stand as a testament to their success over the years. 

Video Production

We like to consider ourselves veterans of video production, at this point. Shooting for web and mobile media during the earlier years of the digital age took a special skill set and know-how. From filming to post production to delivering the final product, we produced video content across all types of verticals for companies that included: Canon, Eharmony, Capital Records, Toshiba and many more. Lights, camera, action, online video production! Fast forward 15+ years and Innovate has produced thousands of videos for hundreds of customers. 

Best Video Production Agency – Innovate Media

Social + Video

As social media began to emerge, Innovate started working on creating connections between marketers and consumers through the power of social media & video. This combination lead to stronger brand relevance, response rates, conversions, and revenue. Soon, our services started focusing on channel creation and maintenance and helping companies and brands enhance their social media engagement with the utilization of video. It was not long after that that Innovate began to be recognized by social media advertising space for our fresh perspective, precise data focus, and consistent video postings and communications. 

Power Of Social Media And Video – Innovate Media

Digital Ad Agency

Online marketing with video has seemingly overthrown traditional formats. Video is king and we have all the proof available on our site. And one of the major components of video advertising is pre-roll as it has become the new standard. Innovate has fully embraced pre-roll, but with our own flare. We are aware of the growing popularity of digital formats, such as mobile, CTV, and tablets, which is why we have made it our priority to make sure we are growing as fast as the era is. We specialize in video formats that not only fit the new screens of today, but also connect your viewers to your message in a way that is ENGAGING. Innovate provides world class video technology, with custom built creative and video advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Innovate Media works client direct to ensure that your advertising needs are met.

Best Digital Ad Agency In USA – Innovate Media

Our Clients

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