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We are the leader in Video Spokesperson technology since 2006. The links on this page will help you get started in the process of developing your video spokesperson. Contact us to learn how a video spokesperson can increase your messaging and conversions.

Innovate Media works with a wide array of talented individuals. At each shoot day, we typically have 2-3 actors or actresses present for you to choose from. Your account manager will let you know who is available in advance. You can also choose from our Talent Database for more options. And if needed, we can always perform a talent search on your behalf.


Your script, simply put, are the words that your video talent/spokesperson or spokesperson will read. A special template has been developed by Innovate Media, that makes it simple and easy to get your first draft going. A good rule of thumb -- is one page equals one minute. So keep that in mind when thinking about your message and how best to get viewers engaged. To download this template, please click here: Script Template. To view sample scripts, click here: Script Samples.

Production Process

What does it take to create a video spokesperson clip? Find out all the steps involved by watching this Short Video . This video will take you through steps a-z and details everything you need to know to create a video spokesperson. Or, if you are more of a fan of reading text, go to our Clients Page and you can learn more about the process!

Video Size

Innovate Media video spokesperson clips come in a range of Sizes to fit your needs. Choosing the size of your clip before we film helps the production team shoot your clip correctly.

Free Live Demo

Want to see how a video spokesperson looks on your site? Check out a Demo now. All you need to do is enter your web address to see a video spokesperson live on your site. If you have a site with an https protocol, the demo might not work - this does not mean that our technology will not work on you site.


We have created thousands of video spokespersons for hundreds of customers. See these client examples: Napster / Accuquote / Ditech To see more examples of our work check out our Examples Page

Video Delivery

A video spokesperson doesn’t just involve the proper filming techniques; the delivery component is just as important. With Oculu, Innovate Media’s online video platform, your video spokesperson clip will deliver correctly onto your site each and every time. Learn more about delivery and Oculu by visiting

To learn more about our video spokesperson product Contact Us .

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